Clear Pricing

Certified, insured, guaranteed.

**Price Match: If another inspector with at least the same qualifications I have offers you a lower price, call me and I'll match it.**

Homes less than 500 sq ft
Homes 501 to 1000 sq ft
Homes 1001 to 2000 sq ft
Homes 2001 to 3000 sq ft
Homes 3001 to 4000 sq ft
Homes more than 4000 sq ft
$525 plus $.10 per sq ft (Call Me)
Radon test alone (What's This?)
$140 (Call Me)
Home inspection bundled with radon test (What's This?)
Home inspection price plus $120
Mold Test: 1 Story Home (What's This?)
Mold Test: 2 Story Home (What's This?)
Mold Test: 3 Story Home (What's This?)